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Cherry Blossom


The branches of a cherry blossom tree offer the most beautiful shapes, with each extension bursting with fragrant cherry pink and white blossoms. Its fragrance, faintly reminiscent of apple fruits, is runner up to lilac as far as spring scents go. 

The inspiration for this cherry blossom instillation was brought on by the excitement of spring and having beautiful, seasonal product at our fingertips.

While having a detailed plan for installations is always recommended and is crucial when creating for an event, the nice part about creating installations for your own creative exercise is that they take on a life of their own. The lack of planning creates a more uninhibited space to design from.

Thank you Joon Bridal for letting us make a flowery mess upstairs. Our stunning model is wearing a hand-embroidered floral appliqué gown called "Iris" by Alexandra Grecco. This gown (and many, many more lovely gowns) can be found at Joon Bridal in Fayetteville, AR.