Flowering Arch

Keeping with our inclination to showcase this springs offerings in a more unstructured, monochromatic way; we created this flowery ceremony arch. Using only local crabapple branches, we loaded up our arch and love how it turned out.

We began with a striking shape at the top and then worked our way down the sides of the arch. Editing the shape as we go, it’s important that it not take on a traditional feel, but instead mimic nature in all its beauty and unpredictability.

Our hope is that what we create allows others to take notice of what is growing in their own neighborhood because it deserves to be seen and embraced. I love seeing a natural element used in a unique way.

We wanted lots of volume so adding the aisle pieces gave it the overgrown lushness we were after.

--Keely Montoya did such a spectacular job capturing this piece and we love to collaborate with her any chance we get. She suggested that the bride not wear makeup which completely aligned with our vision. We wanted a loud piece accompanied by a modern, but minimal looking bride and setting. Joon Bridal picked a perfect Alexandra Grecco silk gown.