Spring, also known as Dogwood season here in the Ozarks, is one of the most inspiring times of year. The showy white petals of the flowering dogwood aren’t really petals at all. In fact, those “petals” are bracts, or modified leaves, and the centers are a cluster of tiny flowers.
Not every flower can stand alone in its beauty and simplicity the way that Dogwood can. This spring our instinct has been to highlight one individual flower at a time, designing in a way that we feel best suites that particular variety.
When designing with dogwood, or any flowering branch, it’s best to not fight it’s natural shape too much and allow them to fall into place on their own.
Working with a flowering branch that is naturally abundant in the landscape makes you feel more connected to your unique environment.
Thank you to Keely of the Montoya Collective for the most beautiful photos.