As much as I love every season and all of the vegetation that accompanies it, I had never given Forsythia much attention. The shrub always felt very commonplace and pedestrian, but after a long, blistering winter it was like a golden applause congratulating us on making it through the winter.

The first plant to blur the line between a lifeless winter and the promise of spring should be loud! Its unruly, yellow flowering wands were so satisfying.


One of our brides owns 10 acres of beautiful land on the outskirts of Fayetteville and gave us permission to forage anytime. On the property was Forsythia stretching 10 feet high, after some much needed pruning, the plant should come back even stronger and more beautiful next year.

As with any of my impromtu projects, it's not complete without one of Joon Bridal's gowns and my one eyed dog providing constant distraction. 

Thank you Mallory Berry for always supplying the most beautiful images.

"Odelia" gown by Leanne Marshall