Pearl Cape

When Joon Bridal, Mallory Berry, and I decided to do a Valentine's Day shoot I wanted to avoid using pink or red.. but the pink Quince and the red Butterfly Ranunculus were too beautiful to pass up, so 'tis the season! 

I love using minimal ingredients to begin with but since a dramatic, collared pearl cape was involved - the more simple, the better.

Never underestimate a "filler" flower. My favorite thing is when something as simple as Ginestra becomes the focal point. It's whispy, textured lines helped frame the windowsill and gown so beautifully. Another perk is that it dries well so no foam or water was necessary.

I created "steps" using books and boxes (whatever was around) then placed flower frogs in locations I knew would provide enough coverage for the instillation piece. I used deeper glass frogs with holes and then layered in the Ginestra. Quick and easy. 

Mallory has a special knack for making every image look modern and romantic.